Samsung Galaxy J5, J7 launch this month, price around Rs 12k, 15k

Samsung will launch its much awaited Galaxy J5 in India this month, followed closely by the J7, according to distributor sources.

The 5-inch Galaxy J5 will be priced around Rs 12,000, while the larger J7 will be priced closer to Rs 15,000.

As reported earlier, the J Series is the lowest priced in the new Alphabet sub-branding introduced by the Korean company recently.


The J5 (price Rs 12,000) will be placed below the E5 (price Rs 15,000), which itself is priced below the A5 (Rs 21,000).

At Rs 12,000, the Galaxy J5 will be Rs 3,000 cheaper than the E5.

However, unlike the E5, which comes with an AMOLED 720p display, the J5 will come with a normal 720p display.

According to media reports, the J5 will also be built around the Snapdragon 410 chipset, which has built in LTE support. In contrast, E5 does not have LTE despite its higher price.

The J5 will compete with Lenovo A6000 Plus, Redmi 2 and S60.

The Galaxy J7, meanwhile, will come with Marvel PXA1936 octa-core processor, which will help the Korean company keep the price of the J7 in the Rs 15,000 range.

At 5.5 inches, the J7 is the cheaper version of the E7.

The E7, priced at around Rs 19,500, comes with an AMOLED 720p display and offers built-in LTE support. Just like in the case of J5, the J7 will come with no AMOLED display.

Still, at Rs 15,000 the Galaxy J7 will be a strong contender for those looking for an entry-level large-display LTE phone. However, the J7 will face competition from the
Meizu M1 Note, which offers 2 GB of RAM and an AMOLED display of the same resolution at Rs around 16,000. The Meizu M1 Note is also expected to be officially released in India around the same time.

At present, Samsung has launched only the Galaxy J1, with a price of Rs 7,200 in India.

Display LTE? Processor RAM Price
Galaxy A5 5-inch Amoled 720p Yes Snapdragon 410 2 GB 21500
Galaxy E5 5-inch Amoled 720p No Quad 1.2 GHz 1.5 GB 15200
Galaxy J5 5-inch LCD 720p Yes Quad 1.2 Ghz? 1.5 GB? 11000