Times Now criticizes nationalist lawyers, Twitter fans not amused

TIMESTimes Now has surprised many fans on Twitter after the channel today adopted a tough stand against patriotic lawyers who attacked Jawaharlal Nehru University students union president Kanhaiya Kumar and the media that they feel support “anti-nationals”.

Today, on the second day of trial, Kumar was attacked for the second time by self-described nationalist lawyers, who accuse him of sedition and being “anti-national”.

The first time Kumar and the media were attacked was around noon two days ago, when he was produced in the court for the first time.

While nearly every news organization carried live coverage of the attack on journalists, students and professors by lawyers, Times Now was showing an anti-JNU protest by Bajrang Dal activists.

While many channels called the violence a grave threat to the functioning of an independent media and democracy itself, Times Now called it a scuffle in its tweet.

The channel has also run a campaign against what it terms anti-nationals, using various hashtags such as #stopAntiIndiacampaign, #Afzalvirus and #NoPlaceforTreason.

An interview with one of the lawyers who was spearheading the events in the court complex today, for example, was tagged under “Afzalvirus”, in reference to Afzal Guru, who was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of India for his role in the 2001 terror attack on the Indian Parliament.

However, at around 3 pm today, the channel adopted a new hashtag #LawyersOrGoons.

However, some people were not clearly amused with the new hashtag.

Some others merely expressed curiosity about new hashtag.

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