Core IIP up 3.2% in July; power, refining grows most


India’s industrial production index for core industries rose 3.2% in July compared to a year ago, indicating a slight improvement in economic activities.

The eight core industries, that comprise nearly 38% of Index of Industrial Production (IIP), rose to 173.7 in July.

Its cumulative growth during April to July, 2016-17 was 4.9 %.


Coal production (weight: 4.38 %) increased by 5.1 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 increased by 5.3% over corresponding period of previous year.

Crude Oil

Crude Oil production (weight: 5.22 %) decreased by 1.8 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 decreased by 2.9 % over the corresponding period of previous year.

Natural Gas

The Natural Gas production (weight: 1.71 %) increased by 3.3 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 declined by 3.8 % over the corresponding period of previous year.

Refinery Products (93% of Crude Throughput)

Petroleum Refinery production (weight: 5.94%) increased by 13.7 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 increased by 8.7 % over the corresponding period of previous year.


Fertilizer production (weight: 1.25%) increased by 2.5 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 increased by 8.6 % over the corresponding period of previous year.

Steel (Alloy + Non-Alloy)

Steel production (weight: 6.68%) decreased by 0.5 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 increased by 2.8 % over the corresponding period of previous year.


Cement production (weight: 2.41%) increased by 1.4 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 increased by 4.6 % over the corresponding period of previous year.


Electricity generation (weight: 10.32%) increased by 1.6 % in July, 2016 over July, 2015. Its cumulative index during April to July, 2016-17 increased by 7.1 % over the corresponding period of previous year.


SectorWeight2011-122012-132013-142014-152015-16Apr-Jul 2015-16Apr-Jul 2016-17
Crude Oil5.216112.1111.4111.2110.2108.7109.9106.6
Natural Gas1.708149.7128.1111.5106.0101.5102.698.7
Refinery Products5.939133.7172.5175.0175.6182.3176.9192.3
Overall Index37.903145.3154.7161.2168.5173.0170.3178.6


SectorWeight2011-122012-132013-142014-152015-16Apr-Jul 2015-16Apr-Jul 2016-17
Crude Oil5.2161.0-0.6-0.2-0.9-1.4-0.7-2.9
Natural Gas1.708-8.9-14.5-13.0-4.9-4.2-4.3-3.8
Refinery Products#5.9393.
Overall Index37.9035.



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