Sandra Bullock ‘dream date’ for lesbian women, men prefer Jennifer: survey

Jennifer Aniston was voted the most wanted female celebrity “dream date” for Valentine’s Day, according to the annual Valentine’s Day survey by omg! website from Yahoo! She got 14% of the 2001 votes in the poll.

For women, the dream date was George Clooney, who beat Johnny Depp, the last year’s winner, with 19% of the votes (see charts below.)

Sandra Bullock, number 2 among straight men, was the top choice for lesbian women. Ryan Gosling led among gay men.

The nightmare celebrity dates were Snooki, with 30% of the men’s votes, and Charlie Sheen, who too pulled 30% of the women’s votes.

30% of parents would set up their teenage sons with Selena Gomez on Valentine’s Day.

Last year’s pick, Dakota Fanning, came in second place (24%). Dads liked Selena more than Moms.

Also overcoming his second place last year, Taylor Lautner was chosen by most parents (33%) as a date for their teenage daughter over last year’s No 1 pick Nick Jonas who got 30% of this year’s vote.

Dream Female Celebrity Date:

1. Jennifer Aniston 14%

2. Sandra Bullock 11%

3. Jennifer Lopez 10%

4. Halle Berry 10%

5. Charlize Theron 9%

6. Scarlett Johansson 8%

7. Mila Kunis 8%

8. Kim Kardashian 6%

9. Katy Perry 6%

10. Olivia Wilde 4%

Dream Male Celebrity Date:

1. George Clooney 19%

2. Johnny Depp 18%

3. Matthew McConaughey 16%

4. Ryan Gosling 7%

5. Ryan Reynolds 7%

6. Usher 8%

7. Brad Pitt 7%

8. Bradley Cooper 5%

9. Taylor Lautner 4%

10. Zac Efron 2%

Nightmare Female Celebrity Date:

1. Snooki 30%

2. Kim Kardashian 16%

3. Courtney Love 14%

4. Lindsay Lohan 12%

5. Paula Abdul 4%

Nightmare Male Celebrity Date:

1. Charlie Sheen 30%

2. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino 25%

3. Jesse James 15%

4. Chris Brown 11%

5. Alec Baldwin 7%

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