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Tata DoCoMo, whose 3G data rates are perhaps the highest in India, has just unveiled what has to be the cheapest 3G plan in India — 1 GB of 3G data for Rs 4.

UPDATE – Most of the cheap plans introduced under its ’3G SmartLife’ plans have been discontinued by Tata DoCoMo. As of 28 Jan, 2014, it does however offer a ‘extra data’ benefit scheme. Under this scheme, users can get more 3G data on Tata DoCoMo 3G plans compared to earlier and to other providers. For example, users can now get 600 MB for Rs 93 and 2.5 GB for Rs 351. Click on the chart above to find out about the different 3G plans of Tata DoCoMo.

You can see a list of the cheapest data plans available in the market from all operators by clicking on this chart or reading our analysis of various data plans on offer in India.Cheapest data plan in India 3G

What is not clear about the plan are the following two points – can a user do another such recharge if one runs out of the 1 GB data quota within one month? If so, the plan is truly unlimited, as users can continue to recharge as many times as they need. Second question is – does the talktime also have a 1 month validity. If it does, it would be a disappointment as well, as many may not be able to use up Rs 250 of talktime in one month.

To activate the plan, the user has to go to Tata DoCoMo’s website and choose to make a 3G recharge of Rs 250 using a credit card or his or her existing balance. The recharge will give a talk-time balance of Rs 250, plus one GB of data.

Needless to say, the offer is the cheapest on offer anywhere in India, and possibly the world.

The offer follows the withdrawal of a similar ‘joint’ offer by Tata DoCoMo. Under the earlier joint ‘talktime-data’ offer, Tata DoCoMo customers would get both talk time and data for the same recharge.

However, under TRAI rules, recharges (coupons) have to be one of three types only — balance top-ups, special tariff vouchers (STV) and plan-change.

Operators were prohibited from launching coupons there offered both balance top-ups and data.

Interestingly, it would be difficult to figure out what the Rs 250 recharge is as it gives both talktime and a value added service (data).

Tata DoCoMo’s offer is the cheapest in India. The next cheapest offer is from MTNL, which offers 1 GB for Rs 22.50 under its half-yearly plan.

Most operators in India currently offer 1 GB of 3G data for about Rs 200-250 per month.

Tata DoCoMo has also launched cheaper 3G data plans, such as Rs 255 voucher for 1 GB of data. Earlier, 1 GB cost Rs 601 on Tata DoCoMo (click on the chart above.)

34 thoughts on “Tata DoCoMo offers 1 GB 3G data for Rs 4, cheapest plan yet | Real Time News, India”

  1. try another aap log kuch na kuch to terms and condtion lagadete ho think hatke boss its show time koi acha aur sasta
    plan nikalo

  2. Chutiya banate hai saale,
    maine recharge kiya aur steps follow kiya magar kuch bhi nahi hua, aur ha pura balance khatam bhi ho gaya aapne aap.
    chor hai saale sab ke sab.

  3. yes….it looks like a expensive one but still it’s the cheapest plan aailablrbin india right now….250 Rs. blance got added in your core balance so no alidity restriction for that….other than that, after consuming 1 gb data @ 3g speed, it will automatically converted to 2g and that too for whole month…to be honest…it’s the cheapest when compared to others

  4. A very good plan, aap month me chahe kitni bhi baar kra sakte hai, talktime ki koi validity nhi hai mtlb 250 rs jb tk chahe use kre, 1gb 3g + unlimited 2g data milta hai, really very cheaper plan.

  5. hmm tata docomo have lot of prblm with this plan when u recharged with 250 u need another net setting when u got the setting ur net connection disappear for 5 to 6 hour after that u get connection and 3G speed is 66 kbps to225 kbps maximun tym it under hundred kbps and this is not 3G speed and u get the balance250 but they duducted ur balance nd told u that u download charges apllicable content and validity of balance is 4900 days also another problrm with diffrent telecom circles…..this plan is good but lot of problem thats all

  6. Update your blog Tata Docomo now Gives rs.200 talk time with 1gb 3g data.
    Looks like they start to cheat again the loyal customers.

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