Nokia’s new Asha 305 & 311 fail to impress

Nokia has launched three new good-looking, mid-range ‘almost smart’ phones priced in the Rs 4,200-6,300 range.

The phones — Asha 305, 306 and 311 — are, unfortunately, no great leap forward, either for Nokia or for consumers who are in the market for an affordable, mid-range smartphone. The new phones are essentially an upgrade to Nokia’s own C2 series.

The phones are comparable to those offered by Samsung, but fail to meet the specifications offered by Indian brands such as Micromax, Lava and Spice in the Rs 4,000-5,500 price range.

The biggest gripe is with lack of 3G on the cheaper models.

The Asha 305 and 306 are both 2G (edge) phones, while the Asha 311, costing about Rs 6,300 according to initial indications, has 3.5 G. All of them are built on the S40 platform and applications from Nokia’s mobile store, and Java applications, can be installed.

All three have 3 inch displays. The 305 and 306 have 400*240 pixel displays while the 311 has a coarser 320*240 pixel display. The more expensive model, 311, has a 1 GHz processor.

The 305 looks like it is designed with the Indian market in mind. Both the 305 and 306 have nearly the same specifications, except that the 305 is cheaper by about Rs 350 and has dual-SIM support. The other two are single-SIM phones.

They are all full-touch phones and are aimed purely and squarely at the people who now buy Samsung, Micromax and Spice phones.

However, Nokia is unlikely to find much success if the phones are going to compete with Samsung and other phones, especially at the (euro converted) price ranges.

For example, you can buy a 3G-enabled full smart (as different from ‘half’ smart) phone from Micromax, the Ninja A50, for Rs 5,000. The Micromax phone, despite costing about Rs 1,300 less than the comparable Asha 311, has a 3.1 inch display, supports dual-SIM and runs Android.

Similarly, the Lava S12, priced at Rs 5,400, also offers better specifications such as Android, a 5 megapixel camera and a 3.2 inch display.

The Samsung S3770 too, at Rs 5,000, is cheaper than the Nokia Asha 311, despite offering similar features. However, the Samsung model has a 2.8 inch display, compared to the 3-inchers on the Asha series.

Interestingly, if priced at Rs 6,300, the Asha 311 will find it difficult to even face competition even from older Nokia models such as Nokia C5-05. The Nokia C5-05 has a 3.2 inch display (compared to 3 inches on the new models) and supports a full ‘smart’ operating system, the Symbian series 60.

21 thoughts on “Nokia’s new Asha 305 & 311 fail to impress”

  1. phones cant be compare with features alone. the heat effect of ear piece, voice clarity, user friendly msgn, safety aspects and lot. micromax or samsung no match for nokia……………..

  2. Yeah there’s lot to just price and some features… Nokia knows what it takes to make durable phones which can last for year.. I still all my nokia phones .. right from 3310, 3120, 5200, e50, e51, e72, e6 now…

  3. yeah can’t compare nokia with micromax or lava , nokia has the shining history of durable and featured phones that others don’t have .

  4. great function of 311 & faster than others which are compared.
    A50 has too many drawbacks such as slow processer less battery confusable place for memory card &
    when you inserts 3.5mm jack you are near to break it
    so don’t compare any other with it

  5. uff, whats they are doing, comparing Nokia with lava , micormax ? Nokia is mostly world no. 1 top selling , trustworty brand, well known quality for stability and quality products , having service centers every corner through out the India . who knows lava in world? Lava may have good product , Good Indian reputed brand, You cant compare with it, its written to defame Nokia.. products. How can a tech person write compare like this?

    1. These reviews are actually making Nokia’s products fail and promoting other crappy brnads. If I can’t compare well, I’d better not write a review at all.

  6. That’s a shit to compare a Nokia with a Micromax. Ok! Micromax still fine.. you’re comparing it with a Lava?? Are you really serious?
    Which other brand can compete with these chinese (or whatever) manufacturers? Nokia’s handsets are perfectly priced. At-least they’re still cheaper than the rate at which samsung sells its crap.
    And please.. Don’t ever bring that sluggish green bot into the reviews. That’s not at all designed or optimized for Lower Specifications. For what you are paying, you are getting the best out there.
    I don’t know, why everyone wants the features of a 15k phone in a Nokia which is priced lesser than half of it You people never say like that for other brands. Your reviews really have some part in making Nokia’s phone fail.

  7. comparing NOKIA with local brands , Its really a disgrace.Actually Nokia doesn’t cheat the customers like Samsung do.And this is fact

  8. first u shud not compare Nokia with Micromax and Lava etc.
    Also 311 has capacitive screen C5 has resistive. No comparison

  9. if i want a smartphone,i would need for it to work properly which cheap androids from samsung ,micromax,lava, etc fail to do….in such a situation i would rather get a smart feature phone than a dumb,laggy wannabe smartphone….case closed

  10. One cannot compare Nokia & Lava or Micromax…Micromax and Lava wud simply break once they hit the ground..NOKIA IS DURABLE and the service NOKIA STORES provide are incredible!And atleast Asha series are affordable..unlike samsung galaxy and iphones designed for ‘rich humans’

  11. Would anyone prefer to buy the new economical smart phones if they have the names like ” Apple – Shabana” or “Samsung- rekha ” or “Sony- sushma ” or ” LG – sushila” ????

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