India’s cheapest 3G plan, unlimited 3G for Rs 1250 per month & 1 GB for Rs 22.50 launched | Real Time News, India

Cheapest data plan in India 3GVodafone has launched what has to be the cheapest 3G plan in India, for its USB-dongle users in Delhi, disturbing the stability in 3G data tariffs seen in the last three months or so.

See chart above for a list of cheap data plans. Also see our latest analysis of the data plans offered by various operators in India.

The plan offers 2 GB per month for Rs 98 in the National Capital Region, including Delhi and its suburbs. The price, 1 GB for Rs 49, is the cheapest 3G offer in India for those who wish to use less than 15 GB per month. Above the 15 GB mark, MTNL will be cheaper, thanks to its 200-GB-for-Rs-4,500 offer in Delhi.

Vodafone, however, has not introduced the Rs 49/GB scheme in other circles such as Mumbai, where too it has its own 3G spectrum.

The move comes about 3 months after several players, including MTNL, Airtel, Idea Cellular and Aircel have launched new and cheaper 3G data plans aiming for the heavy users.

Besides Vodafone, the cheapest 3G plans are from MTNL, followed by the private players such as Aircel and Airtel.

MTNL Mumbai offers unlimited 3G for just Rs 1,250 per month. MTNL Delhi offers 1 GB for Rs 22.50 if you are willing to pay for 200 GB at one go. In other words, if you make a payment of Rs 4,500, you get 200 GB of data, which you can use at any time over the next six months.

According to the plan, 5 GB will cost only Rs 112.5 and 10 GB will come for Rs 225.

However, if your usage is less, you may opt for the Rs 5000 yearly plan that gives 100 GB of data. In effect, you will be paying about Rs 420 per month.

What is more, MTNL’s SIM cards can be used anywhere in India as it has a free data roaming agreement with BSNL. MTNL also offers 1 GB for Rs 76. The data, however, has to be used within a week.

The next cheapest plans are from Aircel. Aircel is offering 5 GB for Rs 697 and 10 GB for Rs 997. In addition, these two plans are unlimited — you can continue to browse at 128 kbps (2G speed) even after you have crossed the data limit, during the validity period of one month.

The third cheapest 3G plans are from BSNL. It is offering 5 GB for Rs 750 per month and 10 GB for Rs 1,100 per month.

The fourth cheapest plans are from Reliance Communications. However, these bulk plans can only be availed of on the company’s USB stick, not on 3G-enabled mobile phones. Reliance is offering 5 GB at Rs 800 and 10 GB at Rs 1,100. However, like Aircel’s, these plans are also ‘unlimited’, though the speed will reduce drastically after you cross the limit. Reliance also offers 15 GB for Rs 1,300 per month. The cheapest plan is Rs 3,000 for 30 GB for 6 months, available only on the USB dongle.

The fifth cheapest plans are from Vodafone, Airtel and Idea Cellular.

Between the the three operators, Vodafone has a slight edge at the 5 GB level (Rs 850 vs about Rs 940 for the other two). Vodafone is also cheaper than the other two at usages exceeding 10 GB per month due to the fact that it offers a 15 GB pack, but the other two max out at 10 GB for Rs 1,500.

[Click on chart below for details]

Idea is cheaper that the other two at the 6 GB level as it has a Rs 950 plan under which you can get 6 GB of 3G data and unlimited 2G data.

The most expensive 3G data plans continue to be offered by Tata DoCoMo, despite the fact that the operator too cut its prices in July 2012. However, Tata DoCoMo’s rates are high as it does not cater to high volume users.

On the other hand, if your usage is only 1 GB or less per month, Tata DoCoMo may actually turn out to be the cheapest option in comparison. It offers 1 GB of 3G data for one month for just Rs 4 (technically, about Rs 31.) However, its plans tend to max out at 1.5 GB at Rs 351 or about Rs 233 per GB. As a result, it is still the most expensive 3G data service for high usage. It, however, offers slightly cheaper rates on its USB dongle service.


MTNL has NOT put an ‘*’ on the scheme details, which seems to indicate that the plans are actually unlimited, unlike the ‘fast-till-you-hit-10-GB’ plans launched by private operators. It has not specified any ‘fair usage limits’ either.

In addition, MTNL’s 16.66 GB for Rs 850 plan is actually a 100 GB for 6 months plan. In other words, depending on the fine-print, it will almost certainly be possible to carry over unused 3G data in a month to the next one. In other words, you may be able to use as much as 75 GB in one month and compensate for it by using only 5 GB for the next five months.

However, there are two down-sides to MTNL’s offers:

1) MTNL’s 3G network supports only a maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps (and the speed cap may be carried over to BSNL roaming as well.) On-the-ground rates are 1-2 Mbps in Delhi. Besides, BSNL’s 3G network is not the best in many places.

2) To avail of the Delhi plan of 100 GB for 6 months, customers will have to pay for six months in advance. In other words, they have to do an easy recharge of Rs 4,999 to get 100 GB of 3G data for the next 6 months. To avail of the Rs 1,250 per month unlimited-3G-data plan on Mumbai SIMs, users will have to pay for two months at once. In other words, they have to make an easy recharge of Rs 2,500 to get unlimited data for the next 2 months.

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29 thoughts on “India’s cheapest 3G plan, unlimited 3G for Rs 1250 per month & 1 GB for Rs 22.50 launched | Real Time News, India”

  1. this bandwidth limit, data limit, speed limit, this limit and limit has successfully taken us back to the stone age…come on yaar…u should give unlmited data with speed caps and plans at various speeds…than 3g take would just zoom…aiming for select few users and trying to squeeze out money just won’t get enough revenues….when will these big corporations get sense…i understand that due to high 3g auction fees they have to resort to these sort of plans..but i think it is highly unlikely that they will make money out of these plans…we have the lowest call rates in the world yet operators are making millions out of it…why don’t they repeat the same act in 3g…or is the indian gov and it’s auction process to be blamed??

  2. low sales and high tariff won’t bring them much money! they need to have sensible tariff to attract very high volume sales!!
    we need REAL unlimited plans (like in 2g/wired broadband) with the price varying as per the speed…..

  3. Telecom companies are providing the 3G services but none of them taking care of their UMTS coverage.. As I have used the 3G services across all the operators.. but i didnot get the satisfactory one

  4. this article is wrong.. i use aircel 1275 plan which gives unlimited 3g.. go and check out. im using it for 3 months…

  5. we tried reliance, vodafone and tata docomo in pune….while reliance and docomo had pathetic speeds (docomo 3G speed showed as a few kbps (max); despite formal complaints, no engineer ever came to the site); vodafone is much better but they have very SERIOUS billing issues. As someone said here, we seem to be living in the stone age…i now live in Brazil where for the equivalent of Rs. 2500 a month, i get unlimited internet at unbelievable speeds (even better that some of my DSL days in the US)….Indian Telecom companies only excel at one thing – marketing and slick ads. As far as product and service is concerned, forget it…

  6. BSNL has already stopped all unlimited data plans in 2g and 3g!!
    Aircel DOES offer 3g services, just maybe not in all circles… It has got an unlimited 3g plan for 1250, but the question is whether it is total unlimited at full speed or with data caps (download limit at full speed) and low-speeds on crossing the data cap (so called Fair Usage Policy)

  7. airtel is successfully attained its business in india but never get topped in internet(in wireless connections in 3g) bcause of its high tariff plans in USB modem

  8. there is no unlimited plan of 3gin any isp.all have a cap value of 5gb or 15gb,after that speed will be about 128Kbps only.

  9. But I have prblems in Aircel 3G Eventhough I have paid 1275/- prepaid it is not connecting with 3G and I have made several attempts to correct but the customer service horrible. Very poor response.

  10. Im from sri lanka. Here unlimited broadband 4mpbs line only 4000/-
    Mobile wireless also cheap as 40/- , 350mb package

  11. ¬†blame the govt….till the time we citizens dont take action against
    the govt. we will not get our moneys worth in anything….all they want
    to do is fill their own pockets….when was the last time you got back
    anything….they just know how to take every penny but never learnt to
    give back anything worthy. companies dont have an option other than
    increase rates as they too have thousands of staff to pay and make
    profits for themselves otherwise why do business. we tax payers are
    fools as only 40%(if not exaggerated) pay taxes and if they try to save
    their hard earned money they get scrutinized…rest 60% walk by as if
    nothing ever happened. it is very sad but nobody tries to do anything
    just crib (just like me)…all tax payers should unite and get things
    right….hope we can make a difference.

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