You have only a 10% chance of buying a Xiaomi MI 3 today

Another bunch of Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphones will go on sales at 2 pm on Flipkart today, but chances of ‘winning’ the lottery this time are only 1 in 10 as there are 1.5 lakh registered users expected to bid for the item.

A total of 15,000 Xiaomi Mi 3 phones will be on offer, Flipkart said.

Interestingly, no new registrations are being accepted. Last time, according to Flipkart, there were around 2.5 lakh users online when the phones were on sale, including regular users.

Flipkart said users the quantity of the phone would be restricted to one piece per customer and those interested in buying the phone should log in a couple of hours in advance, to buy the phone.


It is also suggested to add the Mi 3 item to cart in advance, and make the payment at 2 pm.

If you’ve missed the current sale, your next chance would be on August 12. But for that too, prior registrations would be required. Flipkart said registrations for the next sale would begin at 6 pm today.

The Xiaomi Mi 3 is much in demand in India due to the low price of Rs 14,000. A phone with similar specifications currently costs around 18,000-19,000 in the market.

The Xiaomi Mi3 was preceded by the Moto series of phones that were also launched exclusively by Flipkart about five months ago. The phones are expected to have sold over 1 mln units, compared to about 20,000-25,000 by the Chinese player as of now.

Motorola has cut the price of its Moto G smartphoen to 10,500 after the introduction of the Mi 3.