RCom, Reliance Jio new 4G sign-ups seeing delays?

reliance-jio-4g-inivteReliance Communications started offering 4G SIMs to its CDMA customers to migrate them to its combined LTE network with Reliance Jio, but even after a week, these SIMs are yet to be activated.

Many users are complaining that even though they’ve completed the migration formalities, including purchase of a new SIM, doing the migration recharge and then sending the activation SMS, their upgrade is still pending.

“I sent the activation code five days ago and got an SMS saying upgrade will be done and so on, but nothing has happened after that,” said a Mumbai-based RCom customer.

In fact, we are yet to find a single person who has completed the  move from CDMA to 4G so far.

RCom’s customer care representatives are also largely clueless about when the activation of new subscribers on the 4G network will finally be done.

UPDATE: A user has left a comment saying some subscribers are getting automated calls giving the date of actual upgrade. See the comments section.


Part of the reason may be reported delays at the end of Reliance Jio, which is currently managing the 4G network that these RCom users are being moved to.

Jio has, over the last week, also started onboarding its own new users directly via an invite system.

While the users are supposed to be activated within half an hour, they are facing delays with getting invites. Invites are issued by Reliance Retail on the basis of suggestions sent by Jio employees.

The invites are then submitted by the recipient to Reliance Digital outlets and a LYF phone with free data can be purchased as part of the Preview invite Program.

The delays are not entirely unexpected as the 4G network is in beta testing, and seems to have been anticipated by RCom.

As a precaution, RCom has kept its backup CDMA network running, ensuring that those who signed up for the upgrade continue to receive some kind of service in case of delays.

Everyone who has done the ‘upgrade recharge’ gets 1 GB of free CDMA data, while they will get 10 GB of 4G data after they have been moved to the new network.
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