Wipro acquires Denmark-based design firm Designit

WIPRO In an announcement that coincided with the release of Tata Consultancy Services’ quarterly results, Wipro Ltd said it has agreed to acquire Designit, a global design firm based in Denmark.

The Denmark-based firm specializes in designing user experience, interaction design and product innovation. The value of the transaction was not revealed.

“This investment marks a further stage in Wipro’s move to evolve the digital offer it takes to market, combining its reputation and heritage in deep engineering and transformative technology with human centereddesign methods,” the company said.

The acquisition has been targeted as a fit for Wipro new-tech, or ‘digital’ services such as mobile, cloud and so on.

Designit’s expertise in experience-driven design complements Wipro Digital’s capabilities in technology, digital strategy, design, and digital architecture, Wipro said.

“Together, the two organizations become a comprehensive and scalable global digital transformation partner for the entire C-suite, helping to improve customer experience while radically digitizing business operations.”

Since its founding in 1991 in Aarhus, Denmark, Designit has become one of the world’s largest, privately-held design firms. Employing more than 300 people in nine offices globally, it delivers transformative product-service experiences for some of the world’s most innovative brands in healthcare, telecom, banking, automotive, and retail, Wipro said.

“Designit offers a unique opportunity for us to bring together capabilities not often found in the design industry including scale and global reach, a Scandinavian heritage and innovative, award-winning client work,” said Rajan Kohli, Senior Vice President and Global Head, Wipro Digital.

“Designit has also developed a unique open, creative and collaborative culture that we intend to nurture and grow. We look forward to working with Designit’s multi-disciplinary teams that focus on creating a better and smarter future.”

“Design is no longer about beautification,” said Mikal Hallstrup, Founder and Chief Visionary Officer, Designit.

“It is about creating a strategic foundation, driving growth and change across industries. We have much of the technology needed, but we need to design the human experience in ways that make sense to us, and for the way we live and work. That’s why design today is so influential and strategic. There’s an endless market for products, services, and systems that need to be simplified and humanized. With Wipro Digital, we can deliver as big as we can dream.”

“In an age of rapidly changing technology and consumer behavior, organizations need to exceed user expectations continuously. Designit will offer its unique Strategic Design Process together with Wipro Digital’s end-to-end business transformation capabilities. Together, we are building one of the world’s most impactful partners for clients ready to create the future,” he added.

The acquisition is subject to customary conditions and regulatory approvals and is expected to be closed in the current quarter.