Huawei Honor 6 Plus launched at Rs 26,400

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus, the successor to the modestly successful Honor 6, will be priced at Rs 19,999 in India, and seemingly offers a better deal than the OnePlus One has been launched at Rs 26,400 on Flipkart, much higher than the expected price.


The 5-inch Honor 6, the predecessor to this model, was introduced in India for Rs 19,999 by Flipkart around six months ago, and about two months ago, its price was cut to 17,999 before the launch of the Xiaomi Mi4. The Honor 6 is currently the most value-for-money high-end, 5-inch LTE phone in India.

Practically, the only competitor to the Honor 6 was the OnePlus One, which had similar specifications, but had a 5.5-inch display, and was priced Rs 3,000 higher than the Honor 6. With the 6 Plus, Huawei has thrown down the guantlet in the fight for the best value-for-money 5.5-inch LTE phone in India.

The main difference between OnePlus One and Honor Plus are in 1) processor 2) looks and 3) age.

OnePlus One has the traditional black-plasticky look, while the Honor 6 Plus, like its predecessor, closely resembles the iPhone 5 with its minimalistic aesthetics.

While the OnePlus one has a curved top, which some may find attractive and others too fancy, the Honor 6 Plus comes with straight lines all across. As a result, the Honor 6 Plus looks more ‘serious’ than the OnePlus One.

Second factor is the processor. In both cases, the phones have very similar processors, and neither comes with the latest 64-bit technology. Instead, both are built on 32-bit technology from last generation ARM architecture.

The OnePlus One comes with a Snapdragon 801 chipset while the Huawei model has the company’s own Kirin 925 chipset, which is also very similar to the 801.

It’s not a big drawback considering phones with the latest high end 64-bit processors, such as the HTC One E9, will cost in the range of at least 35,000-40,000 , and here, we are talking about half that number.

In terms of power, both phones deliver about 75-80% of the power of the true high-end phones that are priced in the Rs 50,000 range. In other words, both phones score above 40,000 in Antutu benchmarks, with scores going up to 45,000 range in some cases.

The only other point of comparison between the OnePlus One and the Huawei Honor 6 Plus is age, and this is one where the Huawei model clearly shines. The OnePlus One was unveiled in April of last year, almost a year ago, while the Honor 6 Plus was launched in December last year, about eight months later.

In fact, in April, OnePlus Two will be released, making the One look even older.

In terms of other specifications, while Huawei opts for dual 8 MP cameras, the OnePlus One has a 13 MP shooter at the back, and a 5-MP front camera. OnePlus supports both bands of LTE used in India, and believe the Honor 6 Plus does too. For exact details, we will have to wait till Tuesday, when the phone will be launched in India.

The Huawei model has FM radio, while the OnePlus One doesn’t come with it. Both are built around Android 4.4 and come with 3 GB of RAM and in multiple storage memory versions.

Of course, these are not true flagships right now, and those who want the best should wait for the Samsung A9 or the HTC E9 or M9 Plus to launch soon, or go buy Motorola Turbo. If they have the budget, the Samsung A7 is also a worthy contender.
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