This is how Manchester United can get the best out of Paul Pobga

pogbaThe world’s most expensive football player, Paul Pobga, has underwhelmed to say the least, following the shift back to Old Trafford this summer where he was seldom given opportunities to prove his prodigious talent.

With Mou at the helm of affairs at United, the start is far from convincing as they struggle to create and finish chances and satisfy expectations which has been buoyed with business over the summer. The star-studded transfers are yet to get going and to get the best out of Pogba will most definitely improve United’s prospects.

We look at some strategies that can help them get the game going.

First, play a formation which gets the best out of the squad.

4-3-3 plays to the strengths of Pogba and the ever-improving swarm young, rocket-fueled wide players (read Martial, Rashford, Lingard, Depay(?)). It also sets on a 4-5-1 shape defensively which Mou is famed or rather infamous for.

Second, to get Poga to play box-to-box or a free role as roaming play-maker or a number 10.

His work rate will get him in the final third where he will be quite a handful for any defense with his wide range of passes, shots and heading ability.

Ibra is forward not only knowing for his insane finishing abilities but also his creative link up plays. He was ruthlessly efficient at PSG where midfielders bombed forward ahead of him again in a 4-3-3 set up.

The fluidity will also make it extremely difficult for defenders to contend with two world class players moving about seamlessly.

Thirdly, play Carrick and Herrera/Schneiderlin to sure up defense so as to allow Pogba to go on his merry adventures with all the freedom one can enjoy.

Fellaini is not the best of tacklers and inevitably concedes freekicks although Mou will miss his physicality in the midfield.

Fourthly, this one is for the fans!

Dont put too much pressure and expect results at the drop of a hat. The pressure really brings out the negative vibes which has almost relegated Mou from the Untouchables elite among managers and it never helps the morale.

The squad needs to gel and develop understanding. The tempo and movement has increased from the sleep-inducing Van Gaal era but that could aid the teams’ chances as well.