Reliance Jio unveils DATA TARIFF starting at Rs 25 per GB, makes voice calls free



Mukesh Ambani today set off a bomb in the Indian telecom industry by making voice calls free for any Jio customer who has a data pack.

He also unveiled data plans ranging from Rs 25 per GB to Rs 50 per GB, depending on how much you use.

See the tariffs given above in the picture for details.

Rs Data (GB) Unlimited Night data
149 0.3 No
499 4 Yes
999 10 Yes
1499 20 Yes
2499 35 Yes
3999 60 Yes
4999 75 Yes

It was not clear when ‘Night’ will start. Most operators offer night-time packs that kick in at 12 pm.

All services — including voice, data and SMS, will be free to everyone till Dec 31, 2016. It has been called the Jio Welcome Offer.

Technically, what this means is that only data packs will be sold by the company.

If you buy a data pack, you can make as many voice calls as is possible without exhausting the data limit.

Ambani also said Jio’s data base rate will be one tenth of the competitors.

Effective data rate under packs will be around Rs 50 per GB.

There will only be ten plans under Jio, and messages will not be charged higher on festival occasions, Ambani said.

Ambani said his company is unveiling a line-up of LYF handsets starting at Rs 2,999, and will price the personal 4G router at just Rs 1,999.

Ambani was talking at Reliance Industries’ annual general meeting.

It is not clear whether these new phones are in addition to the already existing LYF handsets, the cheapest of which currently starts at Rs 2,999.

However, these phones tend to be rather lacking as they come with only half a GB of RAM.

The router price is a surprise as the device is currently being sold at Rs 2,899.

Ambani also said the company is giving free access to all its Jio apps till Dec 31, 2017.

He also said Jio is unveiling a new e-KYC method due to which any potential customer can walk in with an aadhaar card and walk out with a working phone in 15 minutes.