Indian women prefer food over shopping on holidays- Survey

According to a recent survey revealed by travel site Skyscanner, 59% of women travelers in India prefer spending more on food in preference to sight-seeing and adventure sports (18%), or even shopping (35%).

“Skyscanner’s ‘Food and Spending’ survey discloses the habits of Indian travellers on the go.

The survey also revealed that even though Matthi and Khakra top the charts in the packed snacks category, Indians love exploring the local food at their holiday spot.


While 42% of the Indian travellers spend money on food as opposed to other activities, a mere 38% watch their diet.

“Not only do they choose to travel to off-beat locations for un-conventional adventure sports, but the Indian traveller today also experiments with food and is keen to explore the local culture of their holiday destination,” the website said.

With only 24% of travellers making cash payments and a mere 9% using ATMs in foreign countries, use of plastic money is the most popular mode of monetary transactions when travelling overseas.

Though a small number (8%), but travellers cheque as a mode of payment is fast gaining popularity amongst Indian travellers.

When it comes to currency conversion, the survey noted that 53% of travellers prefer converting currencies at Banks vis-à-vis Airport arrivals (23%) and Departure Airports (17%).

The survey also reveals that only 8% of Indian travellers invest the balance currency, 37% encash it, 28% restore it for their next travel and 22% choose to spend the remains at duty free.

With seven extended weekends in 2015, the year will surely see a surge in travel! To help travellers spot their next great adventure, Skyscanner recently revealed a list of top nine destinations that it expects will strike a chord with travel fanatics in the current year. These hot spots range from sun-kissed islands of Taipei to mainstream, well-known destinations such as Mykonos and Colombo to the more intrepid destinations of Siem Reip, the website said.