TRAI to fine cable operators missing digitization

All the cable operators who are dragging their heels on implementing digitization need to watch out as the regulator has suggested imposing lakhs, or even crores of rupees as fines for delays in billing and other requirements. “In the cases where any non-compliance of the regulations 15(1) or 15(5) is observed by the Authority, a […]

CSE says poultry industry spreading half-truths

Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), the New Delhi-based research and advocacy think-tank, released a statementin response to what it called myths perpetuated by the Indian poultry industry. Following the impact on chicken sales in certain states of India after the recent CSE report which had noted that chicken sold in Delhi-NCR had antibiotic residues, […]

Indians among most workaholic people :TripAdvisor

Indian and U.S. workers get less paid vacation time than any of the countries surveyed – 18 days, compared to the global average of 25 days, a survey by has found. Both Indian and U.S. respondents on average would like an additional four days of vacation, considering 22 days of paid vacation to be […]